Poured today on 4/4 2020 by Divine Scarlet 

2020 = 4 


These lovely 444 Violet Flame candles have been personally designed by @The.Love.Oracle on Instagram. 

I don't know about you but I find to see the number 444, any time I need extra support and feel I almost am praying to a higher energy, and then up pops 444! 

444 Carries a special helpful and supportive energy with it! 

REIKI Energy Healing has been sent to each one by The Love Oracle & Every 444 Candle has been infused with Sound Healing for All Chakras. 


Channeled Ingredients and Message below from @The.Love.Oracle

Amethyst - activates the third eye and offers spiritual protection and purification 

Salt - Absorbs negative energy and creates the violet flame

Clear quartz - offers powerful protection and can align you to your higher self

Citrine - offers a powerful tool for manifestation of abundance 

Honey - represents eternal energy, rebirth, wealth, the sweetness of life, and the union of divine feminine and divine masculine energy


The Violet Flame is a high vibrational healing energy. It can purify all negative energy and provide healing in relationships, particularly twin soul relationships. It can help balance divine masculine and divine feminine energies.


This violet flame candle can assist in awakening, ascension, and vibrating at a higher frequency. This is especially important for twin flame synchronization and union.


Ascended Master St Germain, who oversees the Violet Flame and the Aquarian age, asks that each time you light this candle, you  release any current fears into the light, saying this prayer. Then, as you look at the flame, envision yourself surrounded by it's light.


444 Violet Flames ~ OUT OF STOCK

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