One lesson a week (each month) $250 

Or you are welcome to pay per lesson $62 and go at your own pace, please email me at, or send me an email on my CONTACT me page, for more info if you would like to work out payment arrangements. 


Hi, My name is Melissa, I am the creator and owner of Divine Scarlet. I am an astrology teacher, and teach an online astrology course. I would love to find the students who have a deep love to learn. As an Ancient Chinese Proverb says "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". I would love to attract students who have an open mind, and are lover's of knowledge, and wisdom. Although this astrology class will consist of many traditional concepts within astrology, it will encompass a new way of being, and experimenting with self growth. You will learn the PLANETS, SIGNS, HOUSES, ASPECTS, ORBS, CONFIGURATIONS, and TRANSITS. This class is not only taught from a cognitive approach with details, but on a very mythological level with depth, so that you will be able to sink into each planet yourself to truly feel into each of them. This is a very interactive class, you will be introduced to fellow Astrology Students online, as well as have access to emailing me each week, or setting up a LIVE 20 Min class each week with me. You will receive one lesson a week, if you are able to keep up with that, but each student is welcomed to go at their own pace. That is up to you! This class is paid monthly $250.00. Please allow yourself to fully let yourself immerse yourself in this teaching, and set aside time for the homework. I would estimate an hour a week to dedicate to this class would suffice.


You can cancel anytime you want, and will no longer be charged the following month. 

Learn Astrology With Me

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