This special creation is designed by Lori Garcia you can find her on Instagram @LoriGeminiTarot. Handmade by DivineScarlet. I will include free shipping to the U.S. Get yours early, almost all our creations sell out within 1 to 2 days.


It is created in a 9 oz mason jar, 100% Soy Wax (safe for the environment) and a cotton core wick (safe for the environment) Color: Double Layered colors (just like the duality of a Gemini! Scent: Cotton Candy, Vanilla, and a fresh beach scent (we are going for Venice Boardwalk here ;-)


Sloagan for the Candle : Gemini's don't practice social distancing. & some extra special pizzaz on top. SURPRISE! Gemini's are FUN and so should be their Candle. This candle is not only for people with Birthdays in Gemini, but for anyone who would like to become deeper in tune with their nature of communicating, and speaking process. Channel the GEMINI nature.

Upcoming Creation ~ GEMINI CANDLE 5/21

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