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About Me

Melissa is an Astrology Teacher, Spiritual And Self Love Counselor,

with over 20 years of Astrology experience, she completed her professional training at "Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics" in Los Angeles.   She teachers her clients not only cognitively, but also how to really "feel" into each archetype of each planet.


She went to college majored in and holds a degree in Psychology; she specializes in Spiritual and Love Counseling. 


Later, she was introduced to  Ritual Magik, and is initiated into several levels of  Yoruba African Magik, and the study of the Orishas. 

She is certified in Law of Attraction Manifestation, which she felt just was the cherry on top of all her other training and really began to work her Magik!

Professionally trained in accessing the "Akashic Records", and "Mediumship".

She is the creator of "The Break Up Deck" Oracle cards


She is the creator of "The Soul Compass" Travel Oracle Deck. 

Co-Creator of the"Crystal Charts", a crystal grid horoscope. 

Metaphysics has always been her "passion and love", so she spent all her years digging into all types of spirituality and metaphysics. She has traveled around the world to truly experience cultural knowledge, and wisdom.