Mercury Retrograde A Time For Review ~ Written by Sharon Bowden

Mercury retrograde is a time for review. The key is to recognize what you are reviewing, so that you can consciously observe the positive changes and witness your personal growth. For this upcoming Mercury retrograde, the shadow period began on February 2nd, so you may already start to notice your thoughts reflecting on upcoming decisions, or ways of being. The shadow period started at 28 Aquarius, and the official retrograde begins on February 16th in dreamy Pisces, where it spends most of its time before its end in Aquarius on March 9th

What does this mean? Pisces energy prompts you to reconsider and re-valuate thoughts, ideas, or plans relating to your spirituality, or your soul purpose for this lifetime. Perhaps the way you integrate your spiritual beliefs in your life, and/or how you support others. Are you often trying to save the world? Are you expending too much of your energy for the betterment of others? This is a noble gesture, but at what cost? Are your motivations for yourself or others? Consider how you balance your needs with the needs of others, and whether they in fact want or need your help. This reflection leads to self-understanding and deep transformation.

 The Aquarius influence adds a unique spin on the ideas you’re reconsidering, like a new approach you might not have previously thought of. The inferior conjunction on February 25th marks the day of decision. You may not realize it until the end of the mercury retrograde, but this is the day that you cause a ripple effect for the future. Journaling during this period can help you understand the how and why that led to the changes you made in your life.

If you have Mercury in the ending degrees of Aquarius, in Pisces, or in the 12th house of your natal chart, this could be a particularly powerful retrograde for you, that brings deep healing and transformation for your soul!

The intention set for this crystal grid is to clear the mind to make way for new ways of thinking, acceptance of change, and personal growth. The crystals used to create this energy are:
Sodalite - easing the mind chatter for clearer thinking and contemplation.
Chrysoprase - accepting change and aligning you to your divine truth.
Amethyst - representing spirituality and clarity of the mind. 
Rainbow moonstone - spiritual evolution and connection to your intuition. 
Labradorite - the stone of magic to support transformation. 
Clear quartz - clarity and amplification of the grid’s intention.  

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