CandlePotion...Get Ready to work your Magic 

With your input, I will create an individualized ritual & prayer (complete with instructions), customizing it to the specifics of your need/situation. 

I can help facilitate your journey, by "holding the sacred space for you" - a starting point from which you can begin taking the leaps of faith required to attain the changes you seek in yourself, thereby changing your life. 

The candle will work as a focusing light; a constant, to guide you through the hard work ahead, toward the necessary growth you seek. But make no mistake, beloved, while the magik is powerful-

The Final Results Are Up To You.

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Deep Scarlet

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Candlepotion Candles are

100% Handcrafted

CandleMaker for over 12 years

Technically speaking,

we place a spell/Intention on each candle we make,

by filling the wax mixture with a special brew of

ancient, time-tested herbs, flowers, crystals & other powerful ingredients.

But more than simply brew you a wax potion, we bless each candle;

focusing it toward your needs and intentions.

Our spellwork is determined by your deepest desires.

Our aim is to help you manifest your dreams and change your life!

Our candles are typically made under Full Moons, New Moons, & Eclipses.

We also offer Empowerment Candles, forged on days that are especially

potent for certain undertakings. Numerology & Synchronicity typically 

play in to our candle pours as well.

The Candlepotion Project, is a labor of absolute love.

We're all on the same team & Everybody Needs Help from Time to Time.

You can never have too much Faith.

We Sell to our 

Community first before it goes out to the public, so please sign up to join our community"

Important Note: We Always Sell Out - So Place Your Order Early!