Manifestation Ritual Candles

Manifestation Ritual Candles

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Divine Scarlet will create a Custom Manifesting Ritual Candle made just for you!

You let us know what energy you are wanting to manifest into your life, or energy you would like dispelled from you, and we will CREATE IT!  

Manifestation Ritual Candles are a great way to focus your wills intent on what you truly want in your life to create. 

Candles are made with Soy wax and come in a 9 oz jar, depending on your intention ingredients will vary  as far as (herbs, scent, stones).

All Manifesting Ritual Candles come with a spell or prayer to help you focus your intention.

Popular Manifestation Ritual Candles; are listed below (but we can co-create anything together, for you specifically).

***The picture shown is an example of what your candle can look like; each will be tailored to your needs and appear different depending on what intention you choose. 







*** If you want something not on this list, please email me at and we can custom create it "JUST" for you.