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The Break-Up Deck


Divine Scarlet

The Break Up Deck Oracle Deck 


Have you just gone through a break up?


Do you know a friend who is having a hard time going thru a breakup?​ Did you break up even months or even years ago? Are still having a tough time releasing them? 


​Still dealing with scraps with the person you're in love with, and they are not giving you much back?​​This deck is for you! Everyone goes thru this at one point or another, we all emotionally hurt the same way, and we all go through break up's the same way! It is not to be ashamed of or feel bad for.​How can we feel better, and get the strength we need to move on? How we can release? How we can stop thinking negative cyclical thought about not being good enough? Those thoughts just get you nowhere! They will only hurt you. Why would you want to hurt yourself like this?


It is time for everyone in the dating world to realize how just how wonderful we are and to learn to release and pay attention to ourselves and SELF-LOVE!

The Orignal Love Spell! Did you guess what it is? #1 Learn to Love yourself 1st! 



I am very excited to bring you the first oracle deck I have ever created. It has been on my mind for at least the last 3 break-ups, and it is everything I had to teach myself to build myself back up to find a loving relationship.


My intention for this deck is to help women deal with one of the worst experiences in life. A BREAK-UP! It is also for anyone who is having trouble disconnecting and releasing someone, even if it has been months or years. This deck will encourage release, self-love, and redirection of love.

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The Reason I created these cards

I created these cards from a place of passion, and wanting to help people who were experiencing the same thing as I was. I had just had the person who I had been dating for the longest time of my life "but of and on", dealing with scraps, because I loved him so much! Then one day he just disappeared. 

At that time I would have considered him by label  "My Soulmate" but I just suppose he was not. A great lesson to learn...after 10 years.  He had gotten married to some random person had just met. 

Then right after that experience, I dated who some may label as my "Twin Flame". that was short lived! One very important thing was caused by him and that was to propel me into my own "Self Love Journey".  It was never about him! Although, at the time I thought it was. 

Follow your Inner Mermaid......

My Self Love Journey all started, with a mermaid that appeared to me underwater. Her hair was auburn and flowing with the ocean. She came close to me and said          "Follow the water, to get through to him." This mysterious dream coincidentally came to me the night that I had just been broken up with.  What did this mean? I wonder. All I knew is I would listen to her and follow the water wherever it took me.


I followed my intuition to the West of Ireland to the cliffs of Moher where I felt an almost past life connection with. Perhaps, I was a mermaid there at one point, my consciousness became closer to what I originally had been at a point. I followed her to her to the Island called Caye Caulker off the shores of Belize. Before, I had left there I unconsciously had done a letting go spell without my conscious even knowing, by leaving a piece of jewelry there at the hotel that reminded me of "him". 


When I left that place and got back home I realized I had been set free and I realized I had been on what I call "My Self Love Journey". The whole time I thought she was leading me be able to reach him! But NO! She was leading me to a place to reach my self! My true self! Inner Love and Beauty! 

Image by Nsey Benajah
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