Created by Divine Scarlet 2018

Divine Scarlet 

This reading will require your birth month, birth date, birth year and place of birth.  Birth time is also very helpful, but not absolutely necessary.  I will analyze your natal chart, as well as current transits effecting your life along with a short oracle reading combined. This chart is for anyone who wants to receive any guidance about anything specific or generalized. this will show the energies currently coming into your life, the challenges and opportunities.


I will email you or send a video recording of your chart, depending on what is being covered if necessary to explain the chart movements.  This reading can usually be scheduled within 3-4 days, as this reading is very in depth and takes some time to prepare. I will send you your astrology transits via email PDF as well. I will send a link that you can schedule your 20 minute phone call that comes with this reading. 




    Astrology & Oracle Reading PDF/MP3 & 20 Min Call