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Made to order just for YOU! As living, growing, evolving beings we are ever unfolding like petals of a rose. I will co-create a individualized ritual, prayer and mini lesson or instructions for you for your specific situation. Although you will be the ultimate one who will do the work and growth on your own. I can help facilitate and "hold this sacred space for you" for you to make these changes and leaps of faith in your life. ***I can not put an exact "example or look to what your ritual will look like", on here as a photo, because each one is "so individualized" each one is "one of a kind" and designed just for you. Rituals may consist, of Ritual Baths where I provide salts and special herbs,it may consist of a jar candle, or a pillar candle. Sometimes it will consist of many ingredients and instructions. Some may come with a specifically made meditation and/OR lesson JUST FOR YOU! It just depends what comes up for you when we co-create together.$40 Free shipping, select no shipping needed when checking out, but please enter your address.

Work Your Magic - Candle +Intention

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