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Integrate, Fear is your Friend


Working with fear instead of fearing fear is the key to discovering the door to your unconscious mind. When fully embraced, fear is a messenger that points you to aspects of yourself that you've yet to love and accept. It also reveals to you the illusions that you are buying into if you're willing to work with and listen to what its conveying to you.

When you feel any form of fear or anxiety, first and foremost, accept what is. The simple act of accepting what the present moment contains helps you deal with it in the most efficient way.

Sit with the emotion, breathe with it, gently feel and embrace it as much as you're willing to. Don't analyze your emotion with your thoughts, even though it may be tempting to do at first. Just feel the emotion while asking yourself "In order to feel this way, what must I believe is true?" This meditation will help you tap into your darker self and help integrate it with your higher self. 

Integrate Meditation MP3

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