Created by Divine Scarlet 2018

Divine Scarlet 

Come learn astrology with me, this class although is online, will be a very personal approach.   Each session will consist of a weekly study material , and I will personally guide you thru each step if you have any questions as we go along.  You will receive 30 minutes each week  with me on a call to make sure you are absorbing everything and I will help connect the dots for you or answer any questions you have.   My approach is to not only cognitively teach this to you, but for you to "feel into" each of the archetypes so you can fully grasp their character, which will then connect you on a deeper level to your chart and understanding yourself. The Total cost for 4 Sessions is $240 however, paying per week of $60 is fine as well. 

Learn Astrology with Me $60 a week/or $240 a month