Created by Divine Scarlet 2018

Divine Scarlet 

Manifesting Candle,

Instructions: Take the tag off the candle and write your intention on the back of it. Remember, we are engaging in creation (right brained work) we are not allowing any of the “how’s ”to filtrate our mind. If you are asking yourself HOW this will happen? Just stop there. We are only focusing on where we are going.  We do not care about any of the road blocks, because we are not taking the roads, we will be flying over them.  1) Set your intention 2) Don’t let people tell you anything negative about your goals 3) release any doubt and replace it with trust & expect your goal to come to you.


Created by

Divine Scarlet, Made with a soy wax blend, banana peel fragrance & a single gemstone to activate your intention.

Manifesting Candle

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