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This reading is designed for the person who needs help understanding their current situation. 

There may be a fork in the road or a decision to be made coming up that needs extra clarity around it.  If you are struggling with an answer and feel unclear or need extra help to focus and guidance through this time this is the perfect reading for you.


This reading is not done live (due to needing to meditate in silence while I gather your answers) It is an Oracle + Tarot + Meditative reading.  It will be recorded for you to listen to on MP3 and be sent via Apple files link or Google Drive link (Up to your preference)


1) After you purchase your reading please email me, or I will email you asking for your 1-3 questions.  


2) Your reading will be sent to you within 2-3 days if ordered between Monday - Friday. 


My email: 

Oracle + Tarot Reading

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