Created by Divine Scarlet 2018

Divine Scarlet 

This Pisces Healing candle was imagined by Heather Manzutto who is a Pisces, and Divine Scarlet created this product out of her idea. I thought adding a special Pisces touch would give it an extra flair.  These candles were not meant for only Pisces to buy, as most sun sign candles are meant for. Pisces is a dreamer, has a great imagination, very creative, compassionate, believes in faith over everything else and knows at the end we are all ONE! We are all connected! This candle is meant for anyone who would like to tap into their creative energies and gather more faith and connectedness in themself.



Each candle is made with the ingredients below (they are inside the candle)

8 0z Mason Jar

Soy wax blend

Color Dark Blue

Scent: Ocean Lily, Frankinsense

Herbs: Frankinsense & Myrrh & Pine

Crystals:  Aquamarine

(The stones and crystals in this picture are for advertising only)




Pisces Healing