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Ever wonder if your relationship has enough to make it or not? 

Wondering if you are Soul Mates?

Twin Flames?

Karmic Partners?

or meant to be friends?

This chart will show you your KEY strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. This kind of chart will show you how you both interact and what connectors hold you together, and what challenges you both have to keep in mind while learning to adapt to each other.


I will send you a full report to read, along with my own take on the relationship as a whole and send it to you via MP3, this comes with any questions you may have after the reading via email or if you need to process in a better way, you can make an appointment with me to discuss, which I will send you the link to do if you request. 


** to work on this report, I need both your birthchart information and your partners, or person you are wondering about. 


Birth Month, Day, Year, Time and Place you were born.


** Your reading will be delivered to you within 2-3 days of payment. 

Relationship Compatibility -Astrology Reading

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