Created by Divine Scarlet 2018

Divine Scarlet 

This beautiful handmade custom candle to promote SELF LOVE.


Many women seem to only want to attract a man, but they do not realize the most important thing!  The men that you attract will only be based on how much you love yourself.  This candle was made with the intention for women to take time out for themselves and truly give themselves the love they need.  You change the inner, and it will also be reflected on the outer.


Contents are poured in an 8 oz mason jar. 

Pink in Color

Scent, Love Spell & Lotus

Crystals, Rose Quartz, known as the Love Stone 

Herbs: Roses,  have long been used in love mixtures, owing to the flower’s associations with the emotions. A chaplet of roses worn when performing love spells or a single rose in a vase on the altar, are powerful love-magic aids


Self Love Candle