Created by Divine Scarlet 2018

Divine Scarlet 

Synastry is known as "The connection between 2 people". How you will interact, and how much love or challenge exists between both of you. This chart can show if you are soul mates, karmic mates, past life lovers, twin flames etc.... or if you the only person feeling this energy, or can you both feel it???


This reading will come with:

1) A PDF version of your report to read.

2) An Oracle Reading 

3) An MP3 Version of me explaining your chart connection as well as the Oracle Reading.

4) After the reading is sent you will receive a 20 min follow up call with me.


***This reading will require your birth month, birth date, birth year and place of birth.  Birth time is also very helpful, but not absolutely necessary.  I will analyze your natal chart, as well  your partner you are inquiring about.


I will analyze your chart to see what you are looking for in a love relationship and what healing you need to do, and then look at the other persons chart individually & look at the energies between both charts as well as upcoming energies coming to both partners and perform an oracle reading as well. 


This reading can usually be scheduled within  3-4 days, as this reading is very in depth and takes hours to prepare. 



Synastry Love Chart & Oracle Reading with 20 Min Call

$95.00 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price