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Starseed Crystalline Charts 
by Divine Scarlet & Rei Rei  

EXCLUSIVE SALE THRU JULY ONLY $170 with Free Shipping 

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Please fill out your chart info below,  pay via Paypal link below. Please give us 2 weeks to ship your Crystal Chart from the time we receive payment.

Crystal Charts Normal Pricing for the USA $222

Thru July 2021 ONLY Get it on SALE for only $170.00 with Free shipping.

What you get with your purchase

A canvas print of your natal chart with fixed stars, each crystal specifically chosen, for your specific chart.

The Canvas print comes in a frame 8.5x11, which you are welcome to keep it in or replace with your own frame. 

Your Chart will be infused with Crystal Sound Vibration Healing,

and Infused with Reiki Healing Energy

What is a Starseed Crystal Chart?


Introducing our brand new, Starseed crystalline charts! 


Have you ever wondered what civilisations your soul is connected with? Do you feel a yearning to explore your Starseed origins and feel like you don't belong here?


Then it's time to get Sirius, pun intended. 


Our new Starseed crystalline charts form an energetic matrix with the planets in your natal chart to help create a vortex in your home or workspace to help you meet your interstellar family halfway! 


The illusion of linear time doesn't exist in the spirit world. All lives are happening simultaneously, thus, you can connect with and make contact with many of your lives in the right state of consciousness. These charts come with an 8-page report on the connections to the fixed stars in your natal chart with specific instructions on how to make contact with your ET incarnations. 


These charts include the stars, Sirius, Pleiades, Lyra, Orion, Arcturus and more! Don't miss out! Get yours today! 



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