Created by Divine Scarlet 2018

Tarot, Oracle Readings 

Melissa is an Astrologer with over 20 years’ experience she prepares accurate and informative synthesis of natal and transit charts for her clients.  She holds a degree in Psychology, is certified in Reiki, and is well studied in Meditation, Tarot, Wicca, Numerology, I Ching, and Herbal Healing.  She is also a creator of Oracle Cards, and a teacher in Manifestation.

She is initiated into an African tribal religion called Yoruba (but in the US similar teachings have been adapted which is known as Santeria), where she was taught rituals for spiritual advancement and growth.

​Melissa is also a WORLD TRAVELER, she has visited many of our planet’s most sacred sites and vortexes. She believes that travel adds to one’s transformation, by allowing yourself to immerse in the essence or culture of the people and that place in the world.


Melissa’s intention for Divine Scarlet is creating a place for healing and understanding for her clients. People often look at the world as “fated”, but her mission is to help them go beyond this perspective. Melissa encourages clients to adjust their thinking, to get the most out of their challenges, and truly “show up in life”. This helps them to transform themselves, and to live to their highest potential.