The Break-Up Package

COVID-19-Era break-up? We’ve got your back. 


Broken Heart Repair Kit and The Break-up Deck are teaming up this month to offer you practical and POWERFUL resources to heal, process, and learn from this difficult time. You don’t have to go through this alone and you CAN face this challenge head-on and come out stronger in the end. We are going to help you get there. 


What we’re offering for the next two weeks: 

The Broken Heart Repair Kit email support program at a reduced cost of $25 (regularly $39 USD). That’s 14 days of break-up support delivered right to your inbox each morning. 


Your very own pack of The Break-up Deck also at a reduced cost of $25 (regularly $44 USD). That’s daily messages and affirmations to help you focus on YOU, developing self-love, and finding out just how truly divine you are. 

A bit about us and our work:

The Broken Heart Repair Kit was created by break-up coach Janice Formichella. While navigating her divorce several years ago, Janice found a lack of positive and practical resources online for women dealing with heartbreak. After studying the dynamics of break-ups and life disruptions (and having a couple more herself), she developed a two-week email support program to provide gentle and useful guidance for relationship transitions. The Broken Heart Repair Kit includes: 

  • Daily emails, each on a different topic related to healing. 

  • Daily break-up affirmations. 

  • Powerful yet simple exercises to help you process your break-up. 

  • Downloadable prints to use at home. 

  • Resources to help you go deeper into your healing journey. 


The Break-up Deck was created by Melissa Martinez, a spiritual practitioner, astrology instructor, counselor, and sound therapist. Along with a small handful of other healers in her community, Melissa created this oracle deck based on the wisdom she gained coming out of three different relationships as well as her extensive training in various spiritual traditions. The Break-up Deck includes: 

  • Daily affirmations to help you focus on moving on. 

  • Powerful reminders about healthy relationships. 

  • Messages to help you develop greater self-love. 

  • Queues and words to ponder on releasing your relationship once and for all. 

Get our break-up support package for your break-up or to support a friend for just $50 (regularly $83). 

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