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Vintage Record Crystal Chart 
A Co=creation by Divine Scarlet & Maieutic Arts
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What is a Vintage Record Crystal Chart?

A Crystal Grid meets your Astrological Natal Chart on a Vintage Record, with an original art piece drawn in the middle on a special intuitive record picked just FOR YOU! 

Crystal Charts are an intuitive fusion of astrological and crystalline energies. Your natal astrology chart is a map of the planets and celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth. It contains a blueprint of your soul’s path for this lifetime, and past life themes. Interpretation of your natal chart provides insight on key areas of your life – challenges, lessons, opportunities, relationships, healing, and fulfillment. Working in alignment with the aspects of your chart allows you to approach lessons with foresight, leading to a happier and more meaningful life experience.


The intention behind the Vintage Record  Crystal Chart is to create energetic balance for your planetary placements, by supporting your unique lessons with the crystalline energies.


We will take into account placements of planets, houses, signs, and aspects to choose a crystal. We will choose to balance it by choosing crystals that will enhance, protect, energize, or heal.


The Art Piece in the middle will be intuitively selected along with the music record just FOR YOU!  

Music has been known through the centuries as as one of the most powerful alchemical magical tools for the human brain to work with for manifesting what they want in their lives. It not only hits the senses but works on a higher level and vibration. 

This combination of your astrology chart, crystals, and musical connection will connect all parts of the strong connection we have to manifest what we want on this plane of existence. 

What do I get with my Vintage Record Crystal Chart Purchase? 

You will receive your astrological chart (you have the choice of a Natal Chart/ Solar Return Birthday Chart for the coming year (whatever your choice is) will be placed in the middle and hand drawn onto the record. 

The middle piece of art is an "original and limited edition" drawn by Maieutic Arts, which will be connected with your chart. 

The crystal chosen will be based on your specific chart and crystal properties to balance, enhance or protect each portion of your chart. 

The vinyl you receive will be intuitively chosen based on the sounds and frequencies that your chart creates. You may wish to treat the music as kind of soundtrack for your life! Music has been called a healer, and it can connect you more deeply with all your senses. You may anticipate heightened awareness around symbolism, feeling, synchronicity, and more. 

This will come in a 12.5 X 12.5 golden frame, but you are welcome to change the frame if you wish, after it is received. If you don't want the frame you can request that before shipping to receive a small discount. 


How long will it take to receive my Crystal Chart? 

We will start your chart right away, please allow 3-4 weeks for your chart to be completed and shipped after we receive payment. Allow up approx 7 days to receive your chart if you are located in the USA, if you are located in Europe or Canada please allow up to  3 weeks for delivery. 


How much is the Crystal Chart ?

$444 with FREE DELIVERY in the USA/Canada/or most of Europe.

How do I sign up and pay for my Crystal Chart? 

You can pay with the PAYPAL LINK BELOW OR Just fill out the form below and we will send you an invoice, you can pay with Apple Pay or through credit card. 

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Please only sign up if you intend on paying for your chart via Paypal link or an invoice will be sent to you.
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