Boundaries, Self Love & Your Dreaming World 

Called "Roots to Freedom"


Listen to our REPLAY of our INTRO and MEDITATION 



 3 Week Course - Live on Zoom or Recorded for those who can't make it LIVE 


It will start on AUG 30th  @11am PST/2PM EST

SEPT 6th same time

SEPT 13th same time

Then we will schedule your 4th one on one session with you. 

Hosted by Melissa M (Divine Scarlet) & Cristal Rae (Healing Arts)


This 3 week course will feature, the 3 topics that "We Women" so desperately need. 

Without Boundaries, we will leak energy and give all our power away to others.

Without Self Love, we can never attract the right person in our lives the will equally support and love us back. We will take scraps and never even notice that we are able to achieve and receive MORE.

Without our Unconscious becoming Conscious, we will not be able to notice some amazing discoveries our Unconscious self wants us to hear and know. This is life altering information. When one truly gets in tune with the subconscious mind, one will not need therapy, for all the answers are within grasp, if we only learn to understand the way it speaks to us in symbols and colors.  

We invite you on this Co-Creation of a JOURNEY into the unknown. 

If you are ready to take the first step to your "Self Love Journey"

You can secure your spot here. We are only taking a limited number of people , we want to create a very intimate and trusting circle.


You can email me direct if you would still like to get involved


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