We will teach you Astrology in 6 Months!
Yes, you read that right! 6 Months!
Yoga Astrology

Wanting to start 2021 off with a bang? Then look no further than the Yogastrology classes, brought to you exclusively by Rei Rei and Divine Scarlet. ​

What is Yogastrology? The word combines yoga, with astrology, which is simply union with the divine via the transcendence of the unconscious program imprinted within your horoscope. If one acts and lives unconsciously, then the planets, transits and negative traits in their chart outline a predictable future. When consciousness is awakened in the individual, they not only regain the ability to choose how to respond to situations but also how they define them. 


Freewill is only a possibility if you become conscious of the unconscious. 


Our creative power is the divine within each of us, and when utilised masterfully, there are no limits on what we're able to achieve in life, as long as we maintain the passion and drive to succeed in our chosen field. 


These lessons will teach you how to identify the program in your chart so you can become more conscious of the workings of your inner world. The chart doesn't affect you─it reflects your state of consciousness─we aim to help you light a match in a dark place, to become conscious of the unconscious residue of the illusions of the past, and past lives within you! 


Your true self is already within you, you're probably having trouble connecting with him or her because your minds making too much noise. We promise you that within six months, we'll totally transform the way you see yourself, your chart and your life as a whole. There will be four live classes each month, on zoom, where you get to ask questions to the tutors at the end of each lesson. PDF files will also be administered so you're able to re-examine and be reminded what you've learned. The lessons are also going to be recorded, so you'll also be able to rewatch them if you feel you needed more time to study before the next class. 


This course contains twenty-four lessons in total, spanning six months. Melissa (Divine Scarlet) and Craig (Rei Rei), thanks to their experience in the astrological field for over a combined thirty years, have fast-tracked this course so it doesn't take you forever to learn like it normally does. 

Both Divine Scarlet & Rei Rei, believe, that astrology has the potential to limit people's creative power if they believe they're affected by external influences, such as planets, transits and so on. Yes, these things can influence your emotional state, but only if you allow them too. Belief is everything in this realm as our beliefs shape our experience of physical reality. We use astrology, simply to help people identify their limiting belief systems that prevent them from creating the life they truly want, in their heart of hearts. 


We do not believe our creative power is limited by our planetary placements we can defy the chart and create any life we want, but only if we believe we can. We've seen too many teachers over the years, teaching their students to be governed by the movements within the solar-system to us astrology doesn't work like that. WE are the power that determines what we get out of each situation and transits. All is a reflection. 

About the Us/The Teachers:

Rei Rei is an international, best-selling author, astrologer, and healer from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. He's studied the heavens for over a decade now and does personalized karmic astrology readings on his website. His easy to understand approach, and more internalized perspective of astrology can help change the lives of anyone who is sincerely interested in listening and learning and most of all, dedicated to reforming themselves daily. 

Divine Scarlet/ or Melissa M, has 22 years of Astrology experience and graduated after 7 years of school from "Sher Institute of Astrology" located in Los Angeles, Ca. She has a degree in Psychology, and is owner of Divine Scarlet Company for 4 years. She specializes in not only Astrology, but offers Self Love, and Manifesting Counseling and Coaching over the years.

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