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My reading was so amazing and instantly gave me the chills. After we had a 20 minute follow up appt over the phone and she dug deeper into my question. Melissa is so compassionate, funny and kind. I feel like I’ve known her forever just by speaking to her once. 

I highly recommend her to anyone  who needs any sort of guidance. As I said to her on the phone.I got more from her reading than spending a year in therapy! 


I just received your package! Not only are your cards beautiful but you’ve added a little extra personal touch with a note and little crystals as a sweet gift. Thank you! How thoughtful and kind of you. I read through all the cards and what great advice you’ve provided.

Your wisdom and advice will help many who are navigating through a break-up. My favorite card of the deck is “get a big rose quartz stone and place it on your heart before bed tonight.” I do this nightly as I work through my own healing and reinforce my own self-love.

Rising Sun Oracle

I was really feelings confused about my Twin Flame situation for a long time now..This left me feeling lost, drained & depressed. I had so many prior readings about this which did not help me. I met Melissa on Instagram & her reading made perfect sense & was straight to the point. I felt a great sense of relief after her guidance.

I finally have the Twin Flame clarity that I have been seeking & feel excited about the future.  I highly recommend her. 


Angel Sun

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Transcending the Labyrinth; Written by Craig Woods

Transcending the Labyrinth; Written by Craig Woods

Today's featured excerpt is by Craig Woods;  writer of "The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind"
"When you're feeling low, one of the best things you can do to investigate your perception is to raise your vibration. Reminding yourself of all the good things in your life is the best place to start. When you fall in vibration, a veil of forgetfulness covers your eyes. Lower-vibratory states can be transcended by merely remembering how you're blessed as you are."

The mind, with its automatic mental and emotional patterns, need to be transcended for you to discover the peace that passeth all understanding. (Click Read More to continue the article)
Mercury Retrograde A Time For Review ~ Written by Sharon Bowden

Mercury Retrograde A Time For Review ~ Written by Sharon Bowden

Mercury retrograde is a time for review. The key is to recognize what you are reviewing, so that you can consciously observe the positive changes and witness your personal growth. For this upcoming Mercury retrograde, the shadow period began on February 2nd, so you may already start to notice your thoughts reflecting on upcoming decisions, or ways of being. The shadow period started at 28 Aquarius, and the official retrograde begins on February 16th in dreamy Pisces, where it spends most of its time before its end in Aquarius on March 9th. (Click Read More to continue the article)