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ARTICLE ~ L.A. Voyage Magazine


My reading was so amazing and instantly gave me the chills. After we had a 20 minute follow up appt over the phone and she dug deeper into my question. Melissa is so compassionate, funny and kind. I feel like I’ve known her forever just by speaking to her once. 

I highly recommend her to anyone  who needs any sort of guidance. As I said to her on the phone.I got more from her reading than spending a year in therapy! 


I just received your package! Not only are your cards beautiful but you’ve added a little extra personal touch with a note and little crystals as a sweet gift. Thank you! How thoughtful and kind of you. I read through all the cards and what great advice you’ve provided.

Your wisdom and advice will help many who are navigating through a break-up. My favorite card of the deck is “get a big rose quartz stone and place it on your heart before bed tonight.” I do this nightly as I work through my own healing and reinforce my own self-love.

Rising Sun Oracle

I was really feelings confused about my Twin Flame situation for a long time now..This left me feeling lost, drained & depressed. I had so many prior readings about this which did not help me. I met Melissa on Instagram & her reading made perfect sense & was straight to the point. I felt a great sense of relief after her guidance.

I finally have the Twin Flame clarity that I have been seeking & feel excited about the future.  I highly recommend her. 


Angel Sun