Crystal Charts 

by Gemma.Stone.Spirit & Divine Scarlet 

A Crystal Grid Horoscope made just for you.
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Crystal Charts are an intuitive fusion of astrological and crystalline energies. Your natal astrology chart is a map of the planets and celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth. It contains a blueprint of your soul’s path for this lifetime, and past life themes. Interpretation of your natal chart provides insight on key areas of your life – challenges, lessons, opportunities, relationships, healing, and fulfillment. Working in alignment with the aspects of your chart allows you to approach lessons with foresight, leading to a happier and more meaningful life experience. The intention behind the Crystal Chart is to create energetic balance for your planetary placements, by supporting your unique lessons with the crystalline energies. When you feel the need to balance certain aspects of yourself

just gaze into those particular stones or touch and focus on them. 

Each Chart comes on a canvas print of your personalized astrology horoscope.

A balancing, protection or enhancing stone for each placement and aspects in your chart. 

Each chart is infused with Reiki by Gemma.Stone.Spirit and infused with Crystal Sound Healing by Divine Scarlet. It comes with a 3-6 page astrology interpretation with you main Chart theme as well as the meaning of why we picked each crystal, and it's meaning. 

Each chart is very specialized and unique, made just for you so please allow 2 weeks, for us to create it before delivery. 

We have had a huge response, so please sign up below to be on our list. We will contact you before we start your chart. 

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*You are welcome to pay early when you sign up, or when we get a hold of you right before your chart is started.


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*You are welcome to pay early when you sign up, or when we get a hold of you right before your chart is started.

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You will receive your "Crystal Chart" will come on an 8.5x11 Canvas along with a frame, and a 3-6 page handwritten Astrology Natal Chart Interpretation.

Infused with Reiki Energy, and Sound Vibration Healing 

**You are welcome to use the frame provided or use your own.

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Each Crystal Chart will be infused with 

Reiki Healing Energy by Sharon Bowden/GemmaStone Spirit.

Each Crystal Chart will be charged with Sound Vibrational Healing by Melissa Vivian/Divine Scarlet 

Disclaimer {Please note, there are no refunds for the "Crystal Charts" for product or shipping will be honored, each one is made especially for each person and 4-6 hours of work is needed to finish these. Due to Covid Mail has become extremely slow, you will be sent your tracking number at the time of delivery.

Divine Scarlet or GemmaStone Spirit is not held liable for any breakage due to mail issues.} 


Kandi Austin Hodges  - My Crystal Chart is AMAZING! I am so blown away by the stones chosen and why they were chosen.  I have been meditating with my chart, and it has been so perfect as I'm in the process of launching a new business. I am completely enamored by how beautiful and unique these are! Thank You, thank you, thank your for the love you pour into them. 

Chelle Belle - Heartfelt thanks to friends Melissa (@Divinescarlet1 ) and Sharon (@gemma.stone.spirit) for creating this stunning one of a kind Crystal Chart for me. I am floored by the beauty of this piece of art and its detailed explanation.
The chart is vibrationally charged with sound healing and Reiki. Accompanying the chart is an in-depth report outlining each of the crystals chosen to either balance or charge the energies of my chart’s planetary placements. The chart can be displayed on an altar or your sacred space.
Quartz is placed on 4 Cardinal points or the corners of my chart. These are action areas to either energize areas of my life, and to be the most effective change in clarity on my path.
The centerpiece is an overall vibrational stone to balance the entire chart. Chosen for me was sunstone which brings a luck and good fortune and energizes all chakras. The stone heightens intuition and allows my authentic self to shine. This could not have been more accurate had I wrote the report myself!!
I was impressed with the information provided around key areas of my life. The points addressed regarding the South node were particularly accurate. The report indicated in this lifetime I am working on my spiritual gifts from my past life. My North node is in Scorpio, which is asking me to embrace transformation and share my knowledge with others. Can you say Mission Work???
My favourite stone chosen for me was the Lapsis Lazuli. It is to encourage self awareness, honesty and compassion. The stone supports communication with integrity and authenticity. This stone is one I work with closely when connecting to my Spirit Guides to deliver readings to clients.
If you enjoy working with crystals and or would like to begin working with them, this is an ideal place to start. Not only is the report detailed, the crystals accurately chosen to work with, but the chart is a beautiful piece of art. I highly recommend purchasing one of these one of a kind chart.

Valerie Hines - I am just in awe of this beautiful piece. You can really tell she took the passion and time into all that she creates.
They intuitively close the crystals in accordance to the placement of my houses, and planets. This is a wonderful addtion to my alter. Whener I need guidance I can always refer to this beauitful piece.
She not only lays it out beautiful, but she sends you a description of your chart and the crystal chosen, so this is a great gift for anyone regardless of Astrology knowledge.
She was so spot on when it came to reading my chart and gave me the tools to better my life and future.
I am in forever gratitude for this amazing OMG piece and honestly believe that everyone on this planet should have one made for them.
Would be a great gift for others, and a great investment on yourself <3

Gabrielle Ginter - DivineScarlet created the most beautiful crystal chart of me. I not only loved the crystal layout, but also the fact she took the time to do a 3 page report of the unique aspects in my chart and explained why she chose each crystal.. I would 100% recommend !!!

Courtney Karedas - I got my crystal chart yesterday and I am SO in love with EVERYTHING!!! Not only am I obsessed with crystals but my love for understanding the cosmos is what keeps my spirit charged - so this chart was a perfect blend of both. I loved reading through my birth chart report to understand why certain crystals were picked. I must say, I was SO impressed with the print itself, wonderful quality and can totally feel the infused reiki, thank you so much!!

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