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Meditation Space 
Let this space lead you to peace 

by Divine Scarlet & Rei Rei 

Welcome to your meditation space.


"Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance" by Buddha

Acceptance, equates to non-resistance and surrender, which ultimately gets the flow of the universe working in your favor. When you accept the past and present circumstance by using them for their intended purpose, you'll be more capable of aligning to the reality you truly prefer, in your hear of hearts.


Surrender doesn't mean to give up your power, it is the realization that you are already in control of your life on a higher level of consciousness. All events, conditions, and circumstances in your life are divinely orchestrated by your own Higher Self. 

This meditation will help you learn how to surrender and learn to accept your place in the universe right now, and use this energy to create a flow in your life. 


Enjoy your Life!

Life is a gift that has been bestowed upon you by the divine. Many unconsciously believe, that their life is something they have to endure as better things and places await them after this life. 

How can you possibly enjoy your life if you are always looking beyond it?

The experience of life can be challenging from time to time, but do those challenges need to be defined in such a grim way? Without any form of challenge, there would be no growth or expansion for your consciousness. If nothing pushed you to better yourself then you would never grow. 

Lighten up on yourself! You may have such a hard time to let go and forgiving yourself of bad habits and past mistakes. Giving yourself more time can be difficult, however, only makes things even more challenging. Be gentle with yourself and learn how to play! 

This meditation will help you learn how to take yourself lighter and help you return to your childhood when you knew how to play. 

Integrate, Fear is your Friend


Working with fear instead of fearing fear is the key to discovering the door to your unconscious mind. When fully embraced, fear is a messenger that points you to aspects of yourself that you've yet to love and accept. It also reveals to you the illusions that you are buying into if you're willing to work with and listen to what its conveying to you.

When you feel any form of fear or anxiety, first and foremost, accept what is. The simple act of accepting what the present moment contains helps you deal with it in the most efficient way.

Sit with the emotion, breathe with it, gently feel and embrace it as much as you're willing to. Don't analyze your emotion with your thoughts, even though it may be tempting to do at first. Just feel the emotion while asking yourself "In order to feel this way, what must I believe is true?"


This meditation will help you tap into your darker self and help integrate it with your higher self. 

Four Pillars of Appreciation

Appreciate what you are! The simple fact that we exist is such a miracle!  Celebrate you! Self Love, Self Care, Self Respect.  Integrity all come merely as a byproduct of being thankful for your own existence. When you are in a state of gratitude, you are more likely to take better care of yourself and those around you. 

Gratitude puts you into your natural state and also triggers the nervous system to begin to heal and repair your body. 

Appreciate all the challenges you have overcome and obstacles you have had to face along with the wisdom you have attained through such experiences is what you will help you move forward into your divine destiny. 

This meditation will help you put all the pieces together and fully celebrate you! A very important piece to manifesting the life that you want to create. Now go on and be the YOU you already are, but just forgot how wonderful you are. 

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